Thursday, September 1, 2011

Foul Weather Friends - Crewcuts by J.Crew Girls Long Powder Puffer Jackets!

The calendar may say September, but store inventory is screaming - Puffer jackets! - for the blustery, cold winter months ahead.  I have been on a winter coat and accessories scavenger hunt for the most stylish, yet warm, little girl winter wardrobe essentials.  My favorite puffers are coming from Crewcuts, for boys & girls 2-10, by J.Crew.

I have been completely in love with Crewcuts girls long powder puffer jacket since last year.  The length is perfect to keep the tush and upper legs toasty while looking oh so adorable with the sash around the waist.  They are filled with down and are exceptionally warm for the harsh cold and wind.  Here is a peek...

This is my favorite choice of colors for the 2011-2012 season.  The cobblestone color is a versatile neutral that will compliment many outfits from jeans to leggings in a array of colors while not looking too busy.  

This is choice number two.  The navy and pink sash is stunning, but I wish the navy was a bit deeper.  Still, overall, it is a great neutral and beats all the pink coats that will be saturating the market soon.  The other color offered in this style is a vintage olive green with a same color sash that is nice, but the color is a little too drab.  Last year they offered a dark charcoal gray color which is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, but after consulting with a J.Crew rep this week, I found out it is not being offered this season.  Drats.  

The other puffer jacket being offered by Crewcuts is the girls convertible puffer.  It is a classic puffer jacket that transforms to a puffer vest!  This is a great choice for a play coat - sledding, skiing, you name it.  Just pick up a pair of snow pants and your little one is ready for a long day of fun.

The color choice for this style are more numerous, but I think this pink is to die for.  Pair it with some ivory or black snow pants for a streamlined and classy look.

What I love most about these girls Crewcuts puffer jackets besides their style and warmth, are that the hoods are plain and don't have fur around them.  A couple years back I loved the look of fur around the hood, but now it just looks dated to me.  This look, without fur, looks simple and clean.

Check out and head to the Crewcuts tab for a look at these fabulous and really warm jackets for your little girl.  The foul winter winter that I absolutely can't wait for is coming faster than you think.  Get your Crewcuts puffer before they fly off the shelf - like they did last year.  I bought mine today so I am not kicking myself in November when the size I want is sold out  -  those are my least favorite two words.

Happy Back -to -School :)

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