Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dance Bags For Your Little Ballerina

My little girl started her first year of dancing school this past week.  It was a class full of twenty 3 & 4 year olds that were learning to 'reach for the sky on your tippy tippy toes' in their cute ballet shoes.

A few weeks ago when we went to the Bailey Slipper Shop to get her black leotard, tights and ballet and tap shoes, the sales associate also suggested that I get her a cute little dance bag to carry her shoes and clothes back and forth from home to dance class.  

Great idea, I thought.

So, we went to the dance bag section and stood there staring at all the bedazzled and tacky dance bags.  Leopard print? No thanks.  Fake bedazzled jewels?  Nope.  Shiny, quilted material with half dressed cats on them?  No way.

I did a few dance bag searches that came up with a handful of very nice dance bags - but they were geared toward the serious dancer a handful of fingers older then my daughter.

As I was admiring the Crewcuts by J.Crew girls winter accessories for 2011/2012 and scrolling through the page, I came across the cutest bags for young girls.  A lightbulb in my head went off, flashing...DANCE SCHOOL BAGS!, DANCE SCHOOL BAGS!

How cute is this?  A little ballerina with a hot pink tulle tutu!  We got this one for $10!  And I mean ONLY $10 because J.Crew offers FREE SHIPPING on Crewcut orders.

The Crewcuts ballerina bag is perfect to not only fit both pairs of shoes, but also her leg warmers and yoga pants.  Yay, Yay!

I must admit that my first choice, you know - if money was never an issue, would be this cute, cute, cute ruffle backpack...

It is $59, but I will stalk J.Crew until it goes on sale.  If you are willing to shell out this much for a beautiful bag, then go for it.  How stylish would your lovely girl look?  Just leave a few left for us 'sale' folks, pretty please!

I am glad I stumbled on these girly Crewcuts bags/carryalls.  Of course, these can be used for school, sleepovers, etc., but they are also the perfect dance bag for a little girl's dancing gear.

Seriously cute.  Seriously functional.  Seriously stylish. 

Visit Crewcuts at to see these great alternatives to the mundane and predictable dance bags that are hanging at your local dance shop.  Don't do it!  Go girly and preppy!

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