Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thumbs Up!! The Crewcuts 2011 Long Powder Puffer.

Finally, my official Crewcuts by J.Crew Puffer Jacket review...

Within the last week I received a huge J.Crew box with my daughter's long anticipated Girls Crewcuts Long Powder Puffer Jacket!  Yip Yip Yippee! If you have read any of my previous posts, you know my crazy obsession with this dandy little puffer jacket.

Initially, I wanted to get her the Cobblestone color, but she loves blue and begged for the Navy Blue powder puffer.  Last year she wore a Gap Warmest long parka in a champagne color, and although it was very nice, it got dirtier and dirtier as each day passed.  I was washing it at least once a week.  Sigh.  So, we ordered the Navy Blue at my daughter's request and my first impression was - WOW!

I was so excited to open the box, and when I did I was pleasantly surprised.  From the picture online the blue seemed a bit 'too blue' for me.  Meaning, I thought it would be a brighter navy, not the awesome navy it truly is.  As I ripped open the plastic packaging, I was thrilled that the navy is dark - a cross between navy blue and black.  It is stunning!  Here is my little darling wearing her winter gear for Winter 2011/2012:

Crewcuts 2011 Girls Long Powder Puffer in Navy Blue
The Crewcuts Girls Long Powder Puffer is worth every penny spent.  The style has a very girly look with the grosgrain sash that slides through 2 loops to form a bow or just a knotted sash.  This makes the jacket classy and sweet.  I already have visions of changing up the sash with different colors for a stylish twist. Also of note is two subtle pin-tucks in the the chest area for even more feminine definition, and two side pockets. 

This jacket is a soft, yet thick, down filled puffer.  Even though it is a puffer, the jacket is not too poofy -  it has just the right amount of down to still give it a somewhat streamlined effect.   My daughter is 3.5 yrs. old and 41 inches, so, we went with the girls size 4-5, according to the J.Crew sizing guidelines.  Overall, the jacket fits very well, with plenty of room for growing.  J.Crew has the right idea by allowing a little more extra room at each size, for 2-3 to 14.

Here are the important points:

  • Length - falls to the right above the knee.  This is my favorite length for the very cold, blustery, snowy weather.  The tush stays warm and the upper legs are toasty, too.  I don't know about you, but I have no tolerance for cold air zipping up my back on a frigid day.  Yay for the long puffer jacket!
  • Sleeve length - Not too long and not too short.  Perfect!  They even have a snow barrier layer on the inside of the sleeves.  No snow or cold air is getting though this adorable monster of a jacket!
  • Hood - the hood is attached and is plain, no fur.  Thank goodness because I think the fur is becoming dated and too busy.  The hood fits on the head well, but their are no strings.  It fell off fast, but we wear hats instead anyway - so this wasn't a big deal for us.  
  • Inside - the main body is covered in a very warm fleece - and I mean seriously warm.  Being in a cold weather area, this is probably the main selling point for most parents.  Combine the thick fleece lining with the goose down and this is easily a jacket that can withstand temperatures well below freezing.  Also on the inside is a small area with This Belongs To... for personalizing with your child's name.  Many jackets I see have pockets on the inside for a cell phone, iPod, etc. for the older kids, but this one does not.  Please note that in case this is an important feature for you.
  • Closure  - the jacket contains both a zipper and a snap overlay.  This is a double barrier to keep the body warm when that wind is whipping.  The zipper has a matching grosgrain loop attached for easy grabbing and the snap are heavy duty.  The snaps actually go all the way up to the chin for neck warmth - so scarf needed here!  My daughter was able to snap a couple herself, but they are a bit tricky for the preschooler age.  But, then again, I don't have the expectation that a child this age has mastered this skill.  That is what Mom and Dad are for, right?
The warmth of this Crewcuts Powder Puffer Jacket is exceptional.  I put my arm through the sleeve and within a minute or so, my arm was noticeably warmer. My daughter wore it for 10 minutes and said to felt soft and 'roasty toasty'.   I am beyond happy with the Crewcuts Long Powder Puffer and would recommend this for any girl living in a very cold winter climate.  J.Crew has taken the warmth of this jacket seriously, and the classy style is a major added bonus.  By far, this is the most sweet, stylish and preppy puffer jacket for girls on the market right now.  This powder puffer is going to be our running around town jacket for the winter season.  J.Crew has one happy, happy customer in the eastern Great Lakes!

Bring on the lake effect snow and blizzard conditions - we are really ready now!

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