Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fa La La Lalaloopsy

I first saw these adorable faced Lalaloopsy dolls a year ago when my then two and half year daughter was watching her favorite show, Max and Ruby, on Nickelodeon.  

I forgot all about the doll until a trip to the toy section at Target.  My little one ran as fast as she could trying to spit out the word - Lalalalalaloooooopsy.  The doll looked fun  - cutesy name, fashionable outfit, and each had a little toy pet.  

I didn't realize how heavy the Lalaloopsy doll was until I picked up the box.  Whoa!  The head is like a paperweight.  The legs are like jelly and do not seem in proportion, weight wise, to the rest of the doll.

The age range on the box says 4 to 104, but my little one wanted on so bad, that Santa Claus left it for her under the Christmas tree last year.  She was so excited and her beaming face made me feel we made the right choice buying this for her.

Then we opened the box.

As soon as the doll was out, she gave it a BIG hug and clunked herself on the forehead.  She cried. Then she tried to get the doll the sit.  It kept falling over.  She cried more.  

The little pet it comes with a hard plastic.  What?!  What fun is that?  

If you are looking for a cuddly doll for your daughter, this is NOT it.  If she sleeps with it, she will either roll over a stiff doll or get poked in the eye by the long, unbendable arms.  My daughter is now a year older and does not play with it at all.  It has been banished to her doll bed - and it stays there - all. the. time.

And trying to get clothes on and off it is a challenge.  I had a difficult time doing it, so a little kid is going to have even a harder time and get frustrated.

Fast forward to this October.

We were at Target again and my little one noticed the Lalaloopsy mini dolls.  Essentially these are tiny versions of the doll that come with a teeny tiny pet (the size of a fingernail) and a cardboard box that serves as a mini house.

So, we bought one.  I thought she could also use the mini doll in her Fisher Price Grand Dollhouse, but this little doll is just as frustrating as the larger version.  Even though the legs are bendable, it doesn't sit.  My daughter looked at me and said, "I don't know how to play with this."  She threw it across the table and began to cry.  She was frustrated, again, by this Lalaloopsy doll.  

I think these dolls are the cutest little things, but the weight of the original Lalaloopsy is mind boggling.  It is too heavy for kid and they are not bendable like a Barbie doll.  If you want a doll that just lies around, this is it.   

No more Lalaloopsy dolls in our house.  Never ever. 

If you want a soft, cuddly doll for your daughter go for the Pottery Barn Kids dolls - Chloe, Sophia, Anna.  They are super soft, they have bendable legs and arms, a ton on accessories and are just a much better alternative to a 3 pound doll.  In my opinion, the Lalaloopsy would be a bigger hit if they were a actual rag doll - soft and plush.  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make Your iPhone Merry..

Who knew finding a stylish and functional iPhone 4 cover/case could be so hard.  Most that I have tried were either a flimsy silicone, a plain cover that was easy to put on, but difficult to remove, or just tacky designs.

The Apple store has a wide variety of iPhone 4 covers with my favorites coming from the Kate Spade collection.  They are, for the most part, all a clean design with nice colors, but the price is $39.95.  Not that I wouldn't pay that for good protection for a pretty pricey phone, but I wanted to find something more reasonable, that was protective and suitable for us stylish and modern mom's.

While at the J.Crew outlet a quick drive from my home, I noticed their Very Merry gifts neatly displayed in throughout the built-in shelves.  Cute and festive belts, necklaces, socks, earrings, magnetic wallets, makeup bags AND iPhone 4 cases.  


I never knew the J.Crew company produced iPhone 4 covers, too! 

I quickly reached into the glass bins and grabbed a few to try on my phone.  It snapped on like a glove and came off with not too much effort.  It was the best fitting cover I have found yet.  And the colors and designs were fabulous!  I decided on a black one with white polka dots for only $12.00! (They were on sale last weekend for 30% off - talk about a GREAT deal)

As I was perusing the J.Crew site for style ideas and great deals, I noticed more iPhone 4 covers on their website - equally cute and relatively inexpensive.  Here they are…

The navy is hands down my favorite!  I love the simple, yet modern, design and go with anything color.  The vibrant red is simple but easy find in your purse, and the metallic gold in just holiday festive - but this would be a little too blingy for everyday use.  More designs and colors can be found here.

Not only are these covers a very nice fit, here are some key features:
  • resists slipping on surfaces.  
  • can be charged with cover on
  • fits nicely and plays smoothly on the Bose speaker without taking the cover off (and charges, too!)
  • cover is relatively easy to snap off 

Dress up your iPhone 4 to fit your personality in a stylish way and grab one of these covers for only $25 from J.Crew.  Buy it as a gift to yourself or surprise someone by stuffing it in their Christmas stocking.

Please note that these covers/cases fit only the iPhone 4/4S designs.

Merry shopping!!

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