Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make Your iPhone Merry..

Who knew finding a stylish and functional iPhone 4 cover/case could be so hard.  Most that I have tried were either a flimsy silicone, a plain cover that was easy to put on, but difficult to remove, or just tacky designs.

The Apple store has a wide variety of iPhone 4 covers with my favorites coming from the Kate Spade collection.  They are, for the most part, all a clean design with nice colors, but the price is $39.95.  Not that I wouldn't pay that for good protection for a pretty pricey phone, but I wanted to find something more reasonable, that was protective and suitable for us stylish and modern mom's.

While at the J.Crew outlet a quick drive from my home, I noticed their Very Merry gifts neatly displayed in throughout the built-in shelves.  Cute and festive belts, necklaces, socks, earrings, magnetic wallets, makeup bags AND iPhone 4 cases.  


I never knew the J.Crew company produced iPhone 4 covers, too! 

I quickly reached into the glass bins and grabbed a few to try on my phone.  It snapped on like a glove and came off with not too much effort.  It was the best fitting cover I have found yet.  And the colors and designs were fabulous!  I decided on a black one with white polka dots for only $12.00! (They were on sale last weekend for 30% off - talk about a GREAT deal)

As I was perusing the J.Crew site for style ideas and great deals, I noticed more iPhone 4 covers on their website - equally cute and relatively inexpensive.  Here they are…

The navy is hands down my favorite!  I love the simple, yet modern, design and go with anything color.  The vibrant red is simple but easy find in your purse, and the metallic gold in just holiday festive - but this would be a little too blingy for everyday use.  More designs and colors can be found here.

Not only are these covers a very nice fit, here are some key features:
  • resists slipping on surfaces.  
  • can be charged with cover on
  • fits nicely and plays smoothly on the Bose speaker without taking the cover off (and charges, too!)
  • cover is relatively easy to snap off 

Dress up your iPhone 4 to fit your personality in a stylish way and grab one of these covers for only $25 from J.Crew.  Buy it as a gift to yourself or surprise someone by stuffing it in their Christmas stocking.

Please note that these covers/cases fit only the iPhone 4/4S designs.

Merry shopping!!

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