Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Christmas List DVD (ABC Family 1997)

If you are like me and love the Christmas season, chances are you think about it year-round.  My coziest and favorite time during the holiday season is watching a good Christmas movie while the snow is falling and the Christmas tree lights are twinkling.

One of my favorite Christmas movies is The Christmas List (1997) starring Mimi Rogers.  I first saw it on ABC Family during one of their 25 Days of Christmas marathons.  For a couple years it was aired numerous times every December, but the past couple years its airing has been cut to maybe one time slot - usually an inconvenient time - such as 7:00am.  Who gets up that early to watch a movie?  Not me.   Since then, my search for the DVD of this movie begun.   I put myself on the Amazon.com waiting list to no avail, and read numerous websites of how this favorite holiday movie of mine would not officially be released on DVD.

Based on reviews of The Christmas List movie, the demand is there for people to have their own copy.  Last November I came across a site, iOffer, that had a seller who developed DVD's based on "made for TV" movies.   The Christmas List was on her list for a mere $7.50!  I would pay triple to get my hands on this beloved movie.  I took a chance, not knowing how the quality would be, and ordered the movie.  I was thoroughly impressed.  The quality is fabulous, the audio flawless, and all commercials have been edited out.  Superbly done! 

As I write this I am watching the movie and hoping that all the you out there who want to own this movie, see this story and order your copy!

Here is the link to the seller on iOffer.  Buy The Christmas List (1997) DVD with confidence and enjoy your newfound gem of a movie that is now yours to watch all year!

P.S.  This post has many, many views.  I hope some of you ordered the movie!! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warm & Comfy Stride Rite EMU Boots

The time of the year when we start thinking of Fall and Winter clothes in upon us!  I love the change of seasons - especially the chance to wear a different wardrobe of jeans, boots, trench coats, scarves, and all the other wonderful options we have in cooler weather.

While my seasonal wardrobe stays pretty stationary - with a few new pieces thrown in every year - a child's wardrobe needs constant updating through all their expected, and sometimes not expected, growth spurts.

Since I live in the Northeast - Buffalo, New York, to be exact - I have to be ready for all the cold and snow the winter has to offer.  And that means plenty of boot options.  Boots for chilly rain, boots for cold, but dry weather, and boots for very cold, snowy, slushy extremes.  I am the boot guru.

As I was window shopping for my little girl, I came across these EMU boots at Stride Rite which are strikingly similar to the super famous Uggs.   I bought these for her last Fall (2010) during a promotion at Stride Rite which landed me a very spectacular deal.  She wore these the entire winter with minimal wear and tear and super warmth.
EMU boot

I have a hard time finding many negatives about this product.  My experience has been almost fully positive which made my decision easy to buy these again for the upcoming winter of 2011-2012.

Here are the good points:
  • Toasty warm.  I can not say enough about the inside fluffy wool lining.  My daughter never complained of cold feet, even when wearing thinner socks.
  • Minimal staining.  Now, I did waterproof them twice prior to the beginning of Winter, but as I look at last year's boots - only a few salt stains by the toes.  A quick swipe of a wet washcloth after coming home stopped any stain from setting in.  
  • Perfect for a child that needs a wide width.  There is plenty of extra space in this EMU boot for a comfy fit - which in boots, is sometimes hard to come by.
  • Stylish!  The EMU boots looks adorable with leggings, tights and dresses, jeans - just about everything.  
  • Great neutral colors - tan, dark brown, gray and black.  Understated boots are more classy than busy colors or busy designs.
The bad points (only one!):
  • Minimal traction.  This can be problem if these are your only boots for the winter and you live in a snowy area.  I have these for cold weather and light snow, and another pair of good, sturdy snow boots for the ice and heavy snow.  If these are worn in icy or slushy snow your little one will be slipping everywhere and therefore, not safe.  In the heavy, deep snow they will just get wet and uncomfortable.  
The Emu boot is a great alternative if you want the look of the Ugg boot, but not the high price - especially since your child will likely only wear them for one season.  The EMU boots are made with good quality and exceptional warmth for those cute, tiny toes!  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Get This Zhu Zhu Pet Outta My Hair!

Watch out!  I love hair.
This past summer my 3 year old daughter discovered the infamous Zhu Zhu pet at a local Target store.  I did not know much about them beyond the fact that they were a Christmas shopping season phenomenon a couple years back.  The craziness of the Zhu Zhu brought back memories my childhood and my generation's obsession with the Cabbage Patch doll - which, now looking back, were not really all so cute.

Back to the Zhu Zhu hair debacle.  

I bought my daughter the Rockstar  Zhu Zhu and watched her have fun as she let him loose on the kitchen floor - watching all his twists and turns as he scampered about.  She was full giggles and amazement.  This went on for a good two days before all things Zhu Zhu turned hairy, no pun intended.

I was finishing cleaning the kitchen when I called out to my daughter.  She was in the dining room, under the table, and let out a faint - "here I am, and nothing is wrong".  This little statement speaks for itself.  We all know it spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e! 

When I glanced at her under the table, she slowly crawled out and looked up at me.  The Zhu Zhu pet was stuck in her hair - the left side of her head, to be exact!  Her hair is long, so my first thought was that I was going to have to cut off chunks of her thick, beautiful hair.  She was not crying or scared - she just seemed perplexed as to why this toy was hanging from her hair.  I calmly asked her to sit down as I tried to figure out how the heck I was going to remove this hamster from her head.

These are the lessons I learned while trying to detach the beast:

  • Do not  press the button on the Zhu Zhu pets back.  This only tangles the hair as it turns the wheels forward and back.  If anything, this more tightly winds the hair around the wheels.
  • Trying to unwind the hair from the Zhu Zhu pets wheels is next to impossible.  The sides of the hamster are low and cover half the wheels.  This heavy plastic has no give, so there is no way to safely unwind the hair without hurting your fingers.
  • The only reasonable way to remove the Zhu Zhu pet from hair is not to cut off the hair, but to snap off the wheels with pliers.  This causes the demise of the Zhu Zhu, but better that than a bald spot on you precious child.
  • After the Zhu Zhu is removed from the hair, the tangled section will resemble a huge rats nest.  It is ugly.  It took days of detangling spray and combing with a boar bristle brush to finally to the snarls out.
Thankfully, in our case, getting the stuck Zhu Zhu pet out of my child's hair turned out ok.  You would think this would turn off my daughter to these toys, but she wanted a replacement.  She now has two more in which she now wears a ponytail when playing with them on the floor - our new rule!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Little Drummer Boy by The Living Voices

Every July when it is hot & humid out I start to think about how quickly I want Fall and Winter to come.  I love when it starts to get dark earlier and the weather gets cloudy, chilly and windy.  So, last July, I started to get my iTunes Christmas music in order.  I loved the song Pinecones and Hollyberries so much growing up that I was on a special quest to find it.  I remember my parents playing an awesome album on the stereo, but I could not remember the album name or the singing group.  Little did I know that my parents had kept all the old records in the basement - I was so excited!  I found the coveted album - The Little Drummer Boy by The Living Voices - and thought it would be easy to find a downloadable version on the Internet.  After countless attempts, I came across the Hi-Fi Holiday blog in which the poster converts the album to MP3.  He is very kind to allow a free download, and amazingly, it sounds terrific.  This entire album was played numerous times last year, and now my 3 yr old daughter is a huge fan of the song, Be A Santa!

This was a beloved album in our house back in the 1970's and 1980's.  My fondest memory is my mom baking Christmas cookies late at night when all us kids were in bed and she would put on this album and sing it out loud.  I used to lay to bed and love smelling the cookies baking, my mom singing, and the Christmas lights twinkling.

I can't wait to make memories like these for my family!

Check out the link below and enjoy some wonderful Christmas music of The Living Voices: The Little Drummer Boy.  Then click on his 'Enjoy This' tab at the bottom of his post.  That will take you to Rapid Share where you click download to computer! Viola!  Now you have it.  After they are downloaded to your computer, you can open the songs up in iTunes.  Artwork transfers over, too!

The Christmas season is only 4 months away!

Fun Backpacks for the Little Ones

For many parents out there, the first day of school for their wee little ones is right around the corner.  Why not send them off in style with these adorable backpacks? They are the perfect backpack for your preschooler! These scream FUN!!, not boring.

Fox Backpack

Girls Robot Backpack

Owl Lunchbox

These and many more selections, including coordinating lunch boxes, are available from The Land of Nod.  Adorable products with free shipping on Back to School items  - now that is a deal!

If you want a more standard backpack, Pottery Barn Kids is the way to go!  They are neither busy looking or boring.  The color combinations are modern yet subtle.  I don't know if you are like me, but I like when wardrobe pieces compliment accessories.  If you have a colorful backpack stick to a neutral jacket, and if you have a solid backpack you can get away with a more patterned jacket/coat.  Here are some of my favorites at Pottery Barn Kids.  How neat is the Batman backpack?

All Pottery Barn Kids backpacks are also free shipping!

All these backpacks are made in a smaller size that are perfect for your preschooler thru 1st grader.  Not only are the backpacks great, but they all have coordinating lunch boxes!  


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Best Skin Care Products for Combination Skin

Finding a skin care regime that makes your skin look smooth, clear and dewy, in other words - fabulous, can be a arduous task for many women.  I was lucky to have my mother introduce me to Clinique when I was 16.  It took many trials to find to right products for my dry cheeks, oily T-zone, combination skin.  I never had an acne problem, but the crazy common pimples that would show up when you least wanted them - pictures, big events, you name it.

While I  realize that Cate's list of award winning skincare products will not work for everyone, it at least gives you an idea of products worth trying.

  • Best for taking make-up off:  Clinique's Take the Day Off! This has to be the number one makeup remover ever invented.  A little dip on a cotton ball and a few swipes over your eyes and lips effortlessly takes it all off.  I have sensitive skin and itchy eyes from seasonal allergies, and this little concoction gives me absolutely no irritation whatsoever.  

  • Best for cleansing:  Clinique's Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam.  Not only is this great at treating acne, but preventing it, too.  The foam is silky, creamy, and glides on smoothly.  I use this morning and night and have no dryness.  Best yet, no breakouts!  

  • Best Clarifying Lotion:  Clinique's Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion.  I was never a firm believer in Clarifying lotions until I used this one.  I used it morning and night and found my skin to be a bit dry.  I cut down to using it only at night and what a difference - no more tightness.  The salicylic acid can be harsh if overused, so a little goes a long way.  One bottle lasts me 6 months!  Well worth the money and the clear skin.

  • Best Moisturizer:  Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.  This is the one item where I deviate from Clinique.  No Clinique moisturizer does the trick for me.  Either my skin feels too dry (Dramatically Different Lotion) or too sticky (Moisture Surge).  I tried Cetaphil on the recommendation of a doctor I worked with and what a refreshing lotion.  My skin just feels right with Cetaphil.  Since my skin is sensitive, I needed something light and dewy, but free of irritating chemicals.  Two pumps of this lotion after my Clarifying Lotion makes my skin feel fresh, healthy and moist.

  • Best Lip Moisturizer:  Smith's Rosebud Salve.  I have had the hardest time trying to find a lip moisturizer that was neither waxy or gloppy.  After reading about it in Parenting Magazine, I had to try Smith's Rosebud Salve.  I stopped by Sephora and was so glad I spent the $6 for this product.  It is a light consistency that glides on the lips and makes them soft and supple.  This is my 'go-to' lip moisturizer/gloss.  I use it on a daily basis - numerous times - and I have even grown accustomed to the rosy smell and taste.  It is a miracle worker!  If you are looking for a great little gift for your girlfriend's, this is it.

These items are my beauty staples.  After much trial and error, I found fabulous products for my combination skin.  If you are still hunting for a good skin routine, consider these items. Not only are they gentle, but hard-working.  Even though Clinique is more pricey than drugstore brands, their products usually last 3-4 months on average. The results will speak for themselves.

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