Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warm & Comfy Stride Rite EMU Boots

The time of the year when we start thinking of Fall and Winter clothes in upon us!  I love the change of seasons - especially the chance to wear a different wardrobe of jeans, boots, trench coats, scarves, and all the other wonderful options we have in cooler weather.

While my seasonal wardrobe stays pretty stationary - with a few new pieces thrown in every year - a child's wardrobe needs constant updating through all their expected, and sometimes not expected, growth spurts.

Since I live in the Northeast - Buffalo, New York, to be exact - I have to be ready for all the cold and snow the winter has to offer.  And that means plenty of boot options.  Boots for chilly rain, boots for cold, but dry weather, and boots for very cold, snowy, slushy extremes.  I am the boot guru.

As I was window shopping for my little girl, I came across these EMU boots at Stride Rite which are strikingly similar to the super famous Uggs.   I bought these for her last Fall (2010) during a promotion at Stride Rite which landed me a very spectacular deal.  She wore these the entire winter with minimal wear and tear and super warmth.
EMU boot

I have a hard time finding many negatives about this product.  My experience has been almost fully positive which made my decision easy to buy these again for the upcoming winter of 2011-2012.

Here are the good points:
  • Toasty warm.  I can not say enough about the inside fluffy wool lining.  My daughter never complained of cold feet, even when wearing thinner socks.
  • Minimal staining.  Now, I did waterproof them twice prior to the beginning of Winter, but as I look at last year's boots - only a few salt stains by the toes.  A quick swipe of a wet washcloth after coming home stopped any stain from setting in.  
  • Perfect for a child that needs a wide width.  There is plenty of extra space in this EMU boot for a comfy fit - which in boots, is sometimes hard to come by.
  • Stylish!  The EMU boots looks adorable with leggings, tights and dresses, jeans - just about everything.  
  • Great neutral colors - tan, dark brown, gray and black.  Understated boots are more classy than busy colors or busy designs.
The bad points (only one!):
  • Minimal traction.  This can be problem if these are your only boots for the winter and you live in a snowy area.  I have these for cold weather and light snow, and another pair of good, sturdy snow boots for the ice and heavy snow.  If these are worn in icy or slushy snow your little one will be slipping everywhere and therefore, not safe.  In the heavy, deep snow they will just get wet and uncomfortable.  
The Emu boot is a great alternative if you want the look of the Ugg boot, but not the high price - especially since your child will likely only wear them for one season.  The EMU boots are made with good quality and exceptional warmth for those cute, tiny toes!  

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