Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Christmas List DVD (ABC Family 1997)

If you are like me and love the Christmas season, chances are you think about it year-round.  My coziest and favorite time during the holiday season is watching a good Christmas movie while the snow is falling and the Christmas tree lights are twinkling.

One of my favorite Christmas movies is The Christmas List (1997) starring Mimi Rogers.  I first saw it on ABC Family during one of their 25 Days of Christmas marathons.  For a couple years it was aired numerous times every December, but the past couple years its airing has been cut to maybe one time slot - usually an inconvenient time - such as 7:00am.  Who gets up that early to watch a movie?  Not me.   Since then, my search for the DVD of this movie begun.   I put myself on the Amazon.com waiting list to no avail, and read numerous websites of how this favorite holiday movie of mine would not officially be released on DVD.

Based on reviews of The Christmas List movie, the demand is there for people to have their own copy.  Last November I came across a site, iOffer, that had a seller who developed DVD's based on "made for TV" movies.   The Christmas List was on her list for a mere $7.50!  I would pay triple to get my hands on this beloved movie.  I took a chance, not knowing how the quality would be, and ordered the movie.  I was thoroughly impressed.  The quality is fabulous, the audio flawless, and all commercials have been edited out.  Superbly done! 

As I write this I am watching the movie and hoping that all the you out there who want to own this movie, see this story and order your copy!

Here is the link to the seller on iOffer.  Buy The Christmas List (1997) DVD with confidence and enjoy your newfound gem of a movie that is now yours to watch all year!

P.S.  This post has many, many views.  I hope some of you ordered the movie!! 

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