Friday, August 5, 2011

The Little Drummer Boy by The Living Voices

Every July when it is hot & humid out I start to think about how quickly I want Fall and Winter to come.  I love when it starts to get dark earlier and the weather gets cloudy, chilly and windy.  So, last July, I started to get my iTunes Christmas music in order.  I loved the song Pinecones and Hollyberries so much growing up that I was on a special quest to find it.  I remember my parents playing an awesome album on the stereo, but I could not remember the album name or the singing group.  Little did I know that my parents had kept all the old records in the basement - I was so excited!  I found the coveted album - The Little Drummer Boy by The Living Voices - and thought it would be easy to find a downloadable version on the Internet.  After countless attempts, I came across the Hi-Fi Holiday blog in which the poster converts the album to MP3.  He is very kind to allow a free download, and amazingly, it sounds terrific.  This entire album was played numerous times last year, and now my 3 yr old daughter is a huge fan of the song, Be A Santa!

This was a beloved album in our house back in the 1970's and 1980's.  My fondest memory is my mom baking Christmas cookies late at night when all us kids were in bed and she would put on this album and sing it out loud.  I used to lay to bed and love smelling the cookies baking, my mom singing, and the Christmas lights twinkling.

I can't wait to make memories like these for my family!

Check out the link below and enjoy some wonderful Christmas music of The Living Voices: The Little Drummer Boy.  Then click on his 'Enjoy This' tab at the bottom of his post.  That will take you to Rapid Share where you click download to computer! Viola!  Now you have it.  After they are downloaded to your computer, you can open the songs up in iTunes.  Artwork transfers over, too!

The Christmas season is only 4 months away!

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