Monday, September 26, 2011

Pan Am Might Be Another Winner for ABC

I was not happy at all when ABC announced early in the summer that Brothers and Sisters  was being cancelled. 

I cried.

Well, no, I didn't.  I am just being dramatic.  Sigh.

I loved Sally Field as the matriarch, and especially Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker.  I laughed out loud and so hard at times - and I mean rolling on the floor laughing.  I would even be at work the next day and burst out in a huge grin thinking of one liners from the show. 

Oh, how I miss you Brothers and Sisters.  

Thank goodness for reruns on Netflix.  I get to watch it 24/7.  Well, again, not really.  But it is there if I want to.  It is like a TV security blanket.  

I wanted to be a Walker.  Just like everyone of you out there that loved the show.  I just wanted to sit in Nora's fabulous kitchen and have a cup of coffee and a doughnut.  Oh, and I loved the pantry.  The pantry of secrets...

I was sad to not have a show to look forward to on a Sunday night.  I heard about Pan Am, but I didn't want to like it because it replaced my favorite drama.  I thought, damn you Pam Am.  

The summer passed and my grief has lessened.

On the front page of the TV Topics was a picture of the new ABC drama, Pan Am.  I liked the picture and read the article about this new show - its characters, its plot, and its history.

I liked what I read and liked even more what I saw when, YES, I tuned in at 10:00pm ET to see the pilot espisode.  

I love the 1950's and 1960's.  I love the music, the clothes, the easygoing way of life.  This drama intrigues me and almost made me feel as I stepped back into that time in history.  I enjoyed the retro feel of this show and the ladylike qualities of the flight attendants.  Why can't us women go back to a time when a woman dressed like a lady and carried herself in a classy and elegant manner?  

The look of the show is what initially drew me, but already the first episode had enough drama to want me coming back next week.  My favorite line was - "Keep this picture my son drew and put it on your fridge.  Let it be a reminder to you to not sleep with another women's husband."  Ouch.  

I still miss you Brothers and Sisters,  but I am thrilled to have a new drama to look forward to in a week.  Time will tell if Pan Am has the same hold of Brothers and Sisters....

See you next week Pan Am.  You may be my new guilty Sunday night - the kids are in bed - TV pleasure!

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