Saturday, September 3, 2011

Budget Shopper: Get a Crewcuts Look at a Target Store Price

When you really think about all the clothes you buy every year (more if you have to wardrobe kids through four seasons) - how often does your child wear those items?  Chances are, there are a handful of favorites that get worn routinely, while others are lucky to get a wear or two.  I have learned the past few years the beauty of mixing and matching.  I think kids look adorable when their outfits are not match-matchy.  

I love Crewcuts clothes for girls.  If you have glanced at other posts I have written, you will soon see that I love the classy, girly, yet kid-like look at Crewcuts.  Most of the time though, I don't like the price.  I will splurge on a jacket (I bought my 3 yr old the Crewcuts powder puffer), but I wait for a lot of the items to go on sale.  I frequent other stores looking for Crewcuts look-a-likes.  Some of my favorite stores for 'Crewcut knockoff's" are Target, Old Navy, Gap and Carter's.  

In this installment of Budget Shopper, I focus on a handful of items I found at Target this Fall of 2011 that mimic the preppy, Crewcut wardrobe essentials. Here are some Target clothes that look like J.Crew's Crewcuts...

First is this classic striped cardigan sweater.  It is lightweight in feel, but with layering over a tee or tank, will be prefect for chilly days at the bus stop or a playdate at the park.  
The ruffles around the neckline are modern yet girly, and the contrasting white piping around the neckline and buttons make it look more than the $14.99 on the price tag. Pair it with a bright skirt, colorful leggings, or casual jeans and ballet flats.  This runs a bit small, so size up by one.

My next Target favorite is this heather brown cardigan with hot pink flowers on the upper left chest.
This runs true to size, with a little more extra room thrown in.  I can picture this with a tulle skirt and footless leggings.  Are you seeing the resemblance to Crewcuts here? Absolutely, Iam!  Again, this little number goes for $14.99! 

As I was browsing the toddler clothing section at Target, I came across these other gems.  Here are a few of my choices....drumroll, please.

What I like about all these pieces is their simplicity.  They can be paired with each other for an handful of practical outfits.  All you need are some basic tee's, tights, leggings, ballet flats, or boots.  All these pieces (shown) together cost less than $85.00!  

So, while you may not have the budget for a Crewcuts wardrobe, it is easy to find those preppy and classy pieces at Target for a fraction of the cost.  And, who doesn't love a GREAT deal?

I have been guilty of overbuying for my daughter, but after packing away clothes that she never wore, or never even had a chance to wear, I am more aware of buying pieces that all work together.  That means I buy less, but am able to have more outfits!  The best part of that is I end up having more money to spend on a fabulous Crewcuts sale!! 

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