Monday, July 4, 2011

Tiny Prints - Birthday invites!

I am a big believer that every birthday party deserves a fabulous invitation.  In a world where people rely heavily on email, Facebook and Twitter, it is nice to slow things down and snail mail a birthday party invitation to friends and family.

Now, I know there are cheaper and less inexpensive avenues to take here - store bought cookie cutter invitations, or gulp, evites.  Nothing says tacky more than evites.  It is maybe alright for mass invites on Facebook, but not for intimate family events.

If you are worried about price, do not fret.  For a extra $10-$15, you get a customized and stylish invite that is sure to impress.  A great invitation shows you put good thought and effort into planning your party  - which also shows that when your party day comes, it will also be well planned and organized.

I have been and still am a huge fan of Shutterfly.  I have ordered many Christmas cards through them and also my daughter's birth announcement - all of which came me coming back for more.  One Christmas, my girlfriend sent out fabulous holiday cards on thick cardstock.  When I glanced on the back, I noticed the Tiny Prints logo and quickly logged on their site to see where this great card came from.  I was completely impressed by the wide array of designs, colors and customizable versatility.  There is definitely a card for everyone's taste here.

My love for Tiny Prints is well known in my circle of family and friends.  Some I am sure think I am crazy for ordering special invites for a little kid's birthday party, but these parties happen only once a year, and you never get them back.  I always budget out $30 for Tiny Prints invites and I love the finished product.  My most recent invite was this fantastic design for my daughter's 3rd birthday.
Tiny Prints girl's party invitation

Of course, this is not our actual invitation, but the design we chose.  We then added all our personal information and any customization we were allowed.  They use a thick card stock, so the quality is rich, the colors are brilliant, and overall look screams STYLISH!  Oh, and they give you fitted envelopes too, AND, if you so choose, you can have the recipients and sender's address pre-printed on the envelopes - for a tiny, tiny fee.

And not only are there birthday party invites wonderful, but any event you can think of,  there is a card for - holiday cards, holiday parties, birth announcements, baptisms, First Communion, graduation....must I go on, I must....., Halloween, Valentine's Day, We are Moving cards, etc.  These are highly customizable, right down to having a few color options for each card.  How awesome is that?

Try Tiny Prints for your next event.  You will not be disappointed.

Don't forget: A fabulous party begins with a fabulous invitation!

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