Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crewcuts by JCrew Girls Long Powder Puffer Jackets

I am a huge fan of Crewcuts clothes for kids, especially when you can get an awesome deal.  Mind you, I am not going to spend $50 on a sweater for a kid who will outgrow it is a year, but maybe, just maybe, on an adorable and very warm winter coat (which I need here in the cold and snowy winter of western New York).  Last year they carried a very nice, long style powder puffer in toddler and girl sizes.  It was $128, and I was reluctant.  I never did buy it, but I talked to a few mom's who did and loved it.  The fit was true and the warmth was unmatched.  I usually have bought Old Navy Frost Free jackets and have had no complaints, other than the color choices.  This year I may bite the bullet and splurge on a Crewcuts puffer.  I recently searched the site and came across the coveted jacket.   Isn't that bow around the waist to die for?  What girl wouldn't want to look so toasty and cute?

They no longer have this color that I want, but only a neutral cobblestone with matching sash.  You won't find it in the regular clothing listing though.  You need to type puffer in the JCrew search box and then you will see last year's styles that are still in stock.  Last week I chatted with a JCrew rep to see if this same style will come along again for Fall/Winter 2011-12 and he seemed confident it would because it was such a hot seller.  I still kick myself for not buying it when they went on deep discount mid-winter.  Oh, the lessons I learn.

I love rich neutral colors for jackets, not the typical brights you find in most stores.  If you are like me, give these a little looky!

Nothing like promoting a little winter in July.  It is so darn hot here I could use a good snowstorm.  Happy Summer!

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