Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year & A New Me

Happy New Year!

Ok, so here is goes  - this is the year I get back into shape and become the healthier me that I know I am.  Sounds cliche, right?  I know it does.  It is a fact that most people give up on their New Years resolutions by May.  

Uh Oh.  I seriously have my work cut out for me.

Up to my pregnancy 4 years ago, I was in pretty good shape.  I rollerbladed, walked, worked with weights, and was a solid 132 lbs on my 5'3" body.  

Then the water weight hit, bad food choices occurred, and I gained 50 lbs with my pregnancy. Good grief!  What happened, I thought?

I expected to easily drop 20 lbs of baby weight after I gave birth, and that by breastfeeding - the rest would just fall off naturally.  I lost 29 pounds within 9 months and just stalled.  Completely and utterly stalled.

At that point I was working 3 days a week and exhausted from housework, that exercise was last "to-do" on my list.  I wanted to lose it, but after my daughter was in bed - all I wanted to was relax with a movie or favorite book.

Fast forward to today.  When I see pictures of myself, I know that just a little work will pay off huge.  I love Dr. Mehmet Oz, and whenever I am able, I watch his informative show.  I recently discovered that Dr. Oz, along with Dr. Michael Roizen penned a series of YOU books:
  • YOU The Owner's Manual
  • YOU On a Diet
  • YOU Losing Weight
There a few more, but I have chosen to begin with the YOU The Owner's Manual to kick-off my gift to myself - a fit, shapely, and healthy self.  Not only is this a gift to myself, but also to my family.  I want to be a healthy Mom for my daughter and hopefully have a couple more children to add to our family.  I want to 70 yrs old, but feel like 40!

I have undertook the Dr.Oz Transformation Nation Challenge.  I am going to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for my family, and in the process, become an example of better eating for my children. 

Although I do make heathly eating choices, here are my downfalls - Diet Coke, Ted's Hot Dogs (a local favorite in Buffalo, NY) & picking at my daughter's snacks while on the go. 

I recently had my bloodwork done in November 2011 and everything is normal.  Here are some of my numbers:

  • Total cholesterol = 190
  • HDL cholesterol = 61
  • LDL cholesterol = 127
  • Triglycerides = 56
  • Glucose = 89
  • CRP = 0.6
  • Hemoglobin A1C = 5.3
Not too shabby, but my weight is 152!  I need to get this down and feel myself again.  I look at pictures and know that I can look much better.  Plus, my main motivation is to be as healthy as I can be by making smart choices about what comes into my body.  Of course, I am not going to "diet", it is proven that diets do not work long term.  I do not on depriving myself of foods I love, but having better portion control, and enjoying it.  I already love vegetables, so filling up my plate with the right foods won't be too hard. 

So, here I go!  A healthier, better informed, and fitter me for 2012!  Stay tuned for multiple weekly updates! 

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