Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look Spiffy. Kid's Holiday Dresses Have Appeared!

I learned the year that my daughter was born that you have get your children's Christmas attire early.  And I am talking early as in October or early November.  Most stores I have visited at The Galleria Mall in Buffalo are already stocked with clothes for all those Christmas and Holiday parties.

I found some really classy and preppy holiday dresses at Crewcuts, Old Navy, Gap, and JCPenney, depending on your spending level.

Step back from the appliqué  sweater dress and feast your eyes on these show stoppers.

Crewcuts by JCrew

Old Navy



Don't think you have to stick to the usual red dresses.  Navy blue, silver, green and black are all enchanting and refreshing.  The JCPenney dress is traditional red with black, but with the striped skirt and polka top, it is both modern and preppy.  Pair it will simple ballet flats and hair, and viola, simply stunning.  I love this JCPenney holiday dress for the 1950's style and look, too.  If you have not guessed, this is one we bought for Christmas 2011.

The rest of these dresses are very festive holiday party wear.  Because each is a little embellished in its own right, there is no need to over accessorize.  Keep the focus on the dress by pairing with simple velvet flats and a simple barrette or headband.  If you absolutely need that touch of red, add a touch of red at the shoes, hair or tights.  Don't go all red, just one item with a little flair will add holiday cheer.

Rule of thumb - if a dress is neutral, add one item of color for pizazz,  if the dress is colorful, keep accessories neutral ( i.e., black, white, gray). 

Gymboree has their dresses out too, and are mostly the traditional plaid in various colors.  Target, which usually at least one winner in the classy and preppy category, has not released their holiday dress line yet.  Target is a great option for an inexpensive dress with high style.  

My top two dresses for the upcoming Christmas season of 2011 are:
  1. JCPenney's striped bottom with polka top in a modern twist of red and black.  Pair it with black ballet flats.  This is dress that will have her twirling all day and night! 
  2. Crewcuts by J.Crew.  The navy satin with rhinestone neckline is just stunning.  Pair it with black or silver ballet flats.  Simple and elegant. 
I know it is only October and our thinking is on Halloween costumes, not Christmas dresses, but these dresses go fast and furious.  Choose and purchase your holiday wear early and not only will you have the dress you want, but you won't be running around in the super busy holiday season.

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