Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to Dash and Grace

So, here I am.  I love to shop!  How many times have you heard that phrase pass a women's lips?  But, I am not an impulse shopper of anything and everything I see.  I make lists, I like to streamline, I like to buy quality - even if it costs a bit more.  

Some products I buy are winners right off the bat, others not so much, and more often then not, I am returning and exchanging.  Just don't lose those receipts! Designate a small box or envelope for all your purchase receipts - you will be thankful you did, believe me.

I decided to start this blog to give as much informative information as I can of products that work and those that quite don't.  It will be an honest to goodness, thoughtful approach.  Not only will I share my experiences of products, but also of my experiences as a wife and mom - which is my most important job in life.

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